Continuous learning through Interactive Discussion

Habasit Far East (HFE) focused on textile, wood and tire industries to keep our customers and front liners updated on our latest products and knowledge.

Textile & Wood Seminar

The two days textile & wood seminar (4th to 5th April 2019)in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam had drawn many customers from Vietnam region, this included our Vietnam distributor – Vu Minh Company and HFE team were there to support.

Participants from Tire Seminar held in Singapore

The wood seminar was first to kick start, followed by textile seminar on the second day. Mario Buchs (Global Technical Manager), our trainer head start with an introduction on Habasit background, followed by technical and engineering aspects of our belts. Topics covered how to select the correct belts and its neutral phase of the belt fabrication. More technically inclined customers such as the Engineers benefited from Mario Buchs’s presentation. Concerning Habasit’s belts maintenance and services support, questions were raised by customers on the lifetime and proper usage of the belts, chemical influences, tracking issues and other problems they faced in their daily operations. There was an intensive discussion with the participants but all questions were well answered by Mario Buchs and the supporting team. At the end of day, customers gained so much from this seminar, they extended their invitation for their plant visit for more advice.

Tire Seminar

To continue to immerse in the spirit of learning, HFE held the Regional Tire seminar from 8th to 10th April 2019 in Singapore. 17 participants from Asian Affiliated attended the seminar, they were the Sales people and Engineers in the Tire and Automotive industry. Participants mainly from HFE, this also included Habasit Shanghai, Habasit Taiwan, Habasit Nippon and Habasit India. We are very honoured to invite our trainers, Craig Kenhart (ISM for Automotive), Jen Niepmann (IKAM for Automotive and Tires), Sasha Kolouch (Emea Sales Development Manager) and Michal Krisl (PMB Product Manager – HFE) to share their valuable knowledge with the team.

Automotive and Tire business is one of the main focus industry and is also one of the lesser known business area, therefore it was a time to come together to refresh and gain new information on Habasit new innovations.

The Automotive and Tire industries require a wide range of industrial belting. In order for Habasit to stay competitive and competence, applications from special range of conveyor and processing belts, timing belts, modular belts and power transmission belts were intensively covered.

Other subjects, included the growth trend in the automotive related accessories market, such as battery production (from normal to new generation lithium types), tire rims production and other rubber products for cars/trucks. As well as other potential businesses such as motor-cycles and bulldozers assemblies, etc. were discussed.

The trainers not only facilitated the discussion and imparting a great deal of knowledge, participants were encouraged to interact, discussed and presented their success stories. Seminar was ended with confirmation with more follow up visits and further discussions in participant’s countries.

With Habasit’s expertise and experiences in the belting field, Habasit can overcome any belting problems and be the leading brand in the market. These seminars were a fruitful one and sure everyone had benefited and had taken away many useful tips.

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