CSR Program at Habasit Far East, Singapore

Since Habasit Far East (HFE) is based in Singapore, it is only natural we started our Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) program in Singapore. Various departments (Wing Yew, Chen – Sales & Marketing, Phylicia Tan – HR and Jane Tan – CC) had come together to organize this event.

We decided to make a T-Shirt to commemorate the starting of this HFE CSR program. This T-Shirt was issued to all the staffs of HFE.

On 25th May 2019, HFE employees gathered together to participate in a Singapore Nationwide Litter picking program, called “LITTERALLY.”

“LITTERALLY” was organized by a Non-profit organization called Habitat for Humanity Singapore.

Before we started the walk. Early Morning 9am, at starting point

About Habitat for Humanity Singapore

Habitat for Humanity Singapore is part of an international Christian housing charity that seeks to eliminate poverty housing worldwide. Convinced that safe and affordable housing provides a path out of poverty, they have been working alongside low-income communities to increase their access to improved living conditions. Since 2004, Habitat Singapore regularly sends volunteer teams to build decent and affordable houses across Asia-Pacific. Locally, they provide intensive home-cleaning for vulnerable individuals and families so they can have a safe & sanitary place to call home.

HFE participated in the “LITTERALLY” program to support a strategy to try to develop a Litter Free society in Singapore. As in the motives indicated in the Website of the program:

Clean up on the go

Stop trash-talking. It's time to take the trash out. Habitat Singapore is organising our very first large-scale community clean-up.

Uncover the dirty truth of what it takes to keep Singapore clean as we take you on curated routes through 3 typical heartland neighbourhoods.

Be part of this free, family-friendly litter-picking movement as we lit(t)erally take to the streets to make a stand against trash in our Home!

Cleaned up an exercise corner in a heartland area

Taking a break, under tree shade on a very hot day

The program was free for all who register, and basic litter picking tools like Tongs and gloves were supplied to all the participants. Also participants were encouraged to bring along their recyclable trash bags, plastic bags, so as to reuse it for the litters picked.

HFE came out in full force to support this program. Many felt it was a very purposeful weekend, as the program was held on a Saturday, and almost all staffs attended, some even with their family in tow.

It was also a time where all the staffs had an informal get together outside of work, and it showed that they all enjoyed each other company very much.

Even clearing up the road

Habasit Far East staffs with the Singapore Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. Mr. Masagos Zulkifli (in dark green polo in center of picture), and staffs of Habitat for Humanity (in white shirts). Lady in Green polo shirt is spouse of one of the Habasit staff. Picture was taken after we completed the litter picking walk, and gathered at the end meeting point

There were jokes all round and laughter, always, as we moved as a group to pick up litters. It was a time of deeper bonding for many, and it showed also the comradeship that was fostered at work. Everyone was eager to start off and get the job done!!

There were of course all sorts of litters, like plastic bottle, drink cans, cigarette butts, waste paper, etc. And the team was eagerly clearing up the street to make it a nicer place.

At the end point of the walk, the rubbish were weighted, and together we picked more than 40 kilograms of trash. All these are from areas, not frequent by the normal cleaning people hired for the estates. These areas are out of the way, and many are hidden by shrubs, soil and grasses.

We were fortunate to have met the Singapore’s Minister of Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, who was at the end point to thank and encourage the participants. And we took a picture with him.

Lunch Photos

At the end of the program, the team headed back to the starting point and had a group lunch. It was again a very fun time, as we relaxed after the work done, and everybody was in great spirit and good mood.

We all felt that this first CSR program was quite successfully done and organized, and we should continue with further programs initiatives in the coming months.

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