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In this issue, Habasit Far East would like to reveal a seldom talked about topic called the ISO Management system. This is currently known as the ISO 9001:2015. Habasit Far East have been certified to the International ISO system for the last 24 years, but we seldom put any particular emphasis on promoting its effectiveness in managing our management processes. The system has helped HFE put its own varied processes in proper perspective, in relation to the focus on serving the customer to our best effort and processes. The ISO system also stays in line with the latest management trends of Risk Management, and other new processes.

Another topic we wanted to continue to reach out to our readers are our successes in our product areas. In this issue, we highlight the successes we have in our Plastic Modular Belts, specifically in the Spiral Applications. This look into the hard work done in moving into areas of specialty belts, where Habasit have its strength and depth in penetration and also the patent we have to protect our superior R&D work. But more important the lessons we shall learn in being there continuously at the customer, and listening and learning and eventually finding a solution for the customers.

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Wai Lim, MAK
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Wai Lim, MAK


Edition 02/2019

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