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welcome to the latest edition of Highlight Magazine, a publication designed to connect with Habasit employees with our valued customers and partners.

In the opening article in this issue, we would like to announce the opening of a new sales branch in Johor Bahru of Malaysia by Unibelt. Unibelt has been distributor of Habasit Far East in Singapore for more than 14 years with strong loyalty and dedication. Due to the strategic location and the Iskandar regional development plan, Johor state is a top investment destination for manufacturing and industrial sectors. The move of setting up new sales branch by Unibelt is aimed to bring Habasit products and solutions closer to the market needs and this also forms a strategic milestone for Habasit’s expansion plan in the Southeast Asia region.

We are also pleased to present you our new products for textile printing and yarn processing – ENU-55AXBY, the premium printing blanket belt for digital printing and TC-25EFQ, the new polyester power transmission belt for ring spinning machines equipped with tangential drive. Textile application is an important business segment for Habasit­ in the Far East Region and Habasit Far East will continue to bridge the market gap and bring the most innovative Habasit belting products and solutions to serve the ever-changing market needs of the customers in the region.

Accordingly, you will also read interesting contents on the packaging industry; a customer Interview with Skaginn 3X and other conveying stories.

I hope you will enjoy this issue and best wishes from the team in Habasit Far East.

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Wai Lim, MAK
General Manager
Wai Lim, MAK


Edition 02/2018

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