New Habasit power transmission belt sets benchmark for reliability and performance – particularly in challenging climate conditions

End users and machine manufacturers in the yarn processing industry will welcome Habasit’s new polyester power transmission belt, the TC-25EFQ, which is perfect for ring spinning machines equipped with tangential drive. Extensive field tests have proven the new belt’s superior performance, reliability and cost-efficiency, particularly in very demanding climatic conditions, such as in APAC region.

Habasit’s new belt has a specially designed thermoplastic belt body with a reinforced polyester fabric, and a new bonding system with improved temperature resistance and layer adhesion. Optimized elastomer covers provide consistent grip and high abrasion resistance.

Low energy consumption, long belt life

Felix Rolle, Senior Product Manager at Habasit emphasizes that apart from an outstanding dimensional stability, excellent flex-fatigue properties, belt tracking and reliability, the new belt delivers very high machine performance and output, and a proven uniform quality of yarn. Furthermore, the adhesive-free joining method means easy on-site joining. Low energy consumption and a long belt life are also important benefits of the new belt.

Adapted for Asia

Together with our business partners we performed field-tests on representative applications under very demanding climatic conditions in Asia for over a year. The customers have confirmed that TC-25EFQ is an outstanding addition to Habasit’s comprehensive range of belts for the yarn processing industry.


The test results proved that the new belt design eliminates the need for re-tensioning after installation (which is a unique feature in the market), cuts machine downtime and maintenance, and offers low operating costs. The new bonding system allows the belt to cope particularly well with the hot and humid conditions found in Asia.

We are excited to be able to offer this new belt to the yarn processing industry, and to support our customers’ needs for high-performance, high-efficiency belting solutions wherever they are needed.

For details of the test results, and to learn more about the high machine performance, long belt life and low lifecycle costs of the new TC-25EFQ, contact Habasit Far East

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