Highest Precision in Textile Printing with ENU-55AXBY Premium Line Printing Blanket

Digital technology has changed almost everything surrounding us, including the printing of textile and apparel. With the fast-changing trends of the fashion industry and demanding consumers, over the past few years, textile manufacturing has been moving from mass production to rapid customization. With this industry trend, digital textile printing has been gaining its foothold and slowly emerging as an essential mainstream printing technology with its unbeatable benefits in printing quality, efficiency, customization and speed-to-market.

In a usual textile printing process, the fabric has to be glued on a conveyor belt and run through a printing process with up to 24 printing sections with different colours. Accuracy is crucial in achieving good printing quality by reducing the probability for dot placement errors. The motion control system for movement for the belt and fabric must be accurate to the sub-pixel level. The fabric position is controlled by the belt with the fabric glued on it to ensure the correct position throughout the whole printing process. Habasit printing blanket belts are well-known in the textile industry for their guaranteed low deviation of the neutral layer position, as well as a narrow thickness tolerance over the entire belt area, thus, ensures the excellent quality and high reliability.

The ENU-55AXBY is the latest evolution of Habasit’s Premium Line Printing Blanket range for digital printing machines (scanning and single pass). Using an aramide traction layer and two polyester fabrics, the new asymmetrical belt design puts the neutral layer (the layer where the compressing and stretching forces balance out while bending the belt) close to the running side of the belt. Any deviations in the position of the neutral layer will lead to small differences in the running speed of the belt, and thus affect printing accuracy. Therefore, the location of the neutral layer in the ENU-55AXBY close to the running side of the belt minimizes such differences and leads to a higher level of printing repeat accuracy.

Key features Your benefits
  • Low deviation of neutral layer
  • High printing repeat accuracy
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Low elongation of the belt, even at long print foots
  • Stable running of the belt
  • High transversal stiffness
  • Reliable tracking of the belt
  • No cupping of the belt edges
  • Outstanding non-adhesive TPU material
  • Scratch resistant behavior
  • High resistance to solvents
  • Long service life
  • Durable impregnation on running side fabric
  • Smooth running of the belt
  • Long service life
  • Flexproof joining of the belt
  • No marking or aging of joining area
  • Quick on-site joining

For further details of new ENU-55AXBY digital printing blanket belt, contact Habasit Far East www.habasit.com.sg

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