Habasit expands its footprint into Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Unibelt, a Habasit Far East’s distributor, opened its new sales branch office in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 26 March 2018 to extend Habasit’s market reach to the southern tip of Malaysia Penisular.

Drumbeats of the Chinese lion dance echoed in the morning of 26 March 2018 and marked the inauguration of Unibelt’s new sales branch in Johor Bahru of Malaysia. This is a traditional opening ceremony practice which Chinese businessmen believe it would set the mood and bring good business fortunes. Unibelt has been Habasit Far East’s distributor in Singapore for more than 14 years and today it has developed into a comprehensive all-in-one belting solution provider focusing a wide foray of segments.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the entrance of the new branch office.

The strong passion in belting business and the sense of pride of being a Habasit­ distributor have always been the reasons to keep Unibelt‘s business moving forward and today, Unibelt is expanding officially its territory into Johor Bahru – a Malaysian state bordering Singapore, with authorization and support from Habasit Far East. Due to the strategic location and the Iskandar regional development plan, Johor state is a top investment destination for manufacturing and industrial sectors. The move of setting up new sales branch by Unibelt is aimed to bring Habasit products and solutions closer to the market needs and this also forms a strategic milestone for the Habasit’s expansion plan in the Southeast Asia region.

(from left: Mak Wai Lim, General Manager of Habasit Far East, Daniel Ling, Managing Director of Unibelt and Jason Ling, Sales & Technical Director of Unibelt.)

Malaysia is an important market for Habasit Far East’s business in the Southeast Asia region. Anchored with the new authorization of Unibelt in the Johor Bahru state, and the Transbelt Center -- another Habasit authorized distributor situated in Kuala Lumpur, Habasit Far East levels up its capability strategically to reach a larger base of customers with more timely supply and seamlessly cooperation.

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